3soundsaday Spotlight : “Eliot the French Kid”

At 3soundsaday we really like to make you discover some original artists with our selections.

Today we wanted to go into details, so we have created “3soundsaday Spotlight“.
In this part of our work we will introduce you to some artists that we really like.
They are going to tell you more about their history, how they start making music and what are the tracks that inspire them.

For our first Spotlight, we are going to hear more from Eliot a young and rising French House artist.

We can recognize Eliot’s music by its disco and funk inspiration.

Eliot’s music really hits into the groovy French House vibes by delivering us sweet funky and disco samples. A very fresh and colorful work.

In a global way we can say that his music takes part in the new futur-funk movement which is really growing up right now in websites everybody knows such as Soundcloud or Youtube.

In fact, we ask him : What are the tracks that make you discover the world of French House ?

“My love for French House comes from my mom, she used to listen a lot of Disco and Funk from the 70’s, so I discover this kind of sonority pretty young.
After that, I discover sampling and it was an open door to mix the sound that made me love music and the tones that I actually like.
That’s how I started French House !”

So you started music by sampling Disco and Funk songs.
Was it your First experience in music ?

“I got into music at the age of 16, I was a local and bedroom dj.
I was the only one who played french house and disco at parties and raves.”

Where does come from your nickname ?

“I was a dj lad who beatmatched Daft Punk, Modjo,  Fred Falke and Galactik Knights tunes.

After that my dj friends started calling me Eliot the French Kid.”

If you had the chance to make a featuring with the artist of your choice, who would it be ?

“In would love to work with Vanguard !

A couple of years ago they we really making the hottest beats of French House.
The funny thing is that they called it Welsh House !”

For now, Eliot has made some pretty good featuring like with Dragon Team, they have created the track “Dragon waves II” which we really advice you to listen, especially for Dragon balls and French House fans !

On the other side, the tracks “Ocean” which Eliot have made with Android Apartment is a pretty good exemple of what 2 good DJs can make in the Future Funk wave.

To conclude this little Spotlight we propose you to discover our selection of Eliot the French Kid tracks !

Have a good Sunday and see you tomorrow !

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