3soundsaday Spotlight : “C.I.C”

Here we are today for our new Spotlight, the section where we introduce you to some orignal artists that we really enjoy to listen.

In the first Spotlight we have discovered an artist in the Nu-Funk / French House vibes, so for the second one we wanted to present you an artist in a different sphere.

We decided to bring you a big Rap / Hip-Hop emerging artist, C.I.C.

You can recognize C.I.C’s tracks by those deeps and almost stone selections of beats as we can see in “Critical as usual” prod. by Thovobeats.

In term of writing, his style is as deep as the beats he choose for accompany him.

He has chosen to talk about subject like Love, hate, jealousy, subjects that suggest oppositions.

Love and jealousy, Ying and Yang, the musicals compositions of C.I.C are mainly about the clash between feelings.

In fact, that’s an easy transition to talk about the signification of “C.I.C” and some of the first works of this rapper.

Firstly the name, C.I.C is for “Cooksson Innerchain”, even the name is an opposition.

Cooksson is the good guy that want to make some rap and enjoy this art, and Innerchain is for the guy whose enchain inside Cooksson and want to mark people by his texts. #Naruto !!

To put forward that, he decided to make some great works under the name of “Ying Yang twisted”, a reminder of who he is and why he is here.

At the end of 2016, Cooksson has released one of his major hits, “First Love“.

Again, here we are with a good text with the feeling of Love as mainly topic.

Then, for the beginning of 2017, C.I.C has released his new single “2Real“, it was the perfect opportunity to ask him some questions :

Hi C.I.C, let’s start our interview with the classic question,

How did you get into music ?

“I was getting in to music through family, I had only music from Tina Turner,Michael Jackson and Jay-z.

Later on I was inspired by Eminem allot he changed my view on rap music allot.”

If you had the chance to feature with a rappers or work with a beatmaker, who would it be ?

“It would be Pete Rock for the beats, and for the raps Definitely Jay-Z.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

“In 5 years I will see myself as a strong individual artist and a big influence for the youth.”

Could ou tell us more about your new single ?

“My new single 2Real is named after my mixtape which is called 2Real.

The project is about my life, this song is about all the chapters that subject that made me stay 2real, chapters of where I been through. (Before this mixtape I made a tape which is about your surroundings but nobody knew who I was).

So this became the first fresh song that I wrote for my new project.

I was and still am in a place full of hate cause of jealousy and people not expecting me getting to this level.

So I had a few things to get from my chest cause I grind everyday literally until this day. This is my C game !

So I wrote this in dark vibe, dark room, to create a type of feeling for the audience that will listen to this song.”

Some of the lyrics have drawn our attention, could you explain them for us ?

Look where I was & where I’m, never gave a damm about what you thought!..scheming on me men?? Fuck being friends the eyes never lie, see me as a product, if its that sick holla at the jury kick it backwards and that’s it, never lit precisely killing all rap siblings
“People around me who are following me hard these days,want to be friends with me and have a little bit from my light so they can shine to. (They see me as a product).
If I am that sick as an artist, call god and ask him if he can send this track back to me (just precisely killing copy cats in this industry)”
Yall souls needs umm voodoo fuck a contract, flip a tsjuutsjuu. I know your whole catalog swagging videos, supreme draw, playing ball(act like you got money) always win never lose its a draw. 
Find a nigga! preaching my rhymes this is my ark, started with a spark, stay in the ring running rounds y’all play around.
“Some people in the world loves my music and listen everyday as if it was their prayer. I worked for this >running rounds< most of these artists play to much.”
Eat my plate cause the hate feels great. Time frozen don’t know where y’all going?probably I’m the hottest nigga. Fuck a reason fake homies keep on rolling page trolling, can’t be tamed I’m controlling. Living in the age of making Fdup decision, we don’t have any choice time pass things move, the dream doesn’t sleep I’m always on the move, now listen astral projecting, spitting nasa like fantastic 
Getting credit, for being offensive when niggas wanna hate on me, cause your girl rejected the D ? I can write rhymes that can give the whole universe a erection! Safety first but we don’t protect them
“Eat my plate: I eat all the negative feedback that will never change cause its not even feedback or uplifting criticism, its pure hate.”
“Time frozen don’t know where y’all going? Probably I’m the hottest nigga. Fuck a reason fake homies keep on rolling page trolling, can’t be tamed I’m controlling.
Time frozen because of our phone and hard work, so you keep on page trolling to seek evidence which isn’t there. So I can’t be controlled, I’m still controlling !”
Thanks for the brightening !
To finish that, could you tell us more about your future works ?
I’m working on my new artists from my label, they are all Featured on the 2Real mixtape.

My team is also building something big where I can’t talk about yet, but expect a lot of live shows in and outside the country.

I will first make my EP after that I will make my debut album, I follow the same plan that I created 3years ago.”
Thanks a lot men.
It have been a pleasure to talk to you for this second Spotlight !
As last time, here is our selection of C.I.C … Enjoy !

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