3soundsaday Spotlight : “NuphZed”

Hey everyone !

Here we are again for the 3rd Spotlight of our serie.

After “Eliott the French Kid“, and “C.I.C“, today we present to you Nuphzed, an underground English rapper who has been making movements in the U.K. scene, tight bars and chilled beats.

NuphZed resides in Brighton on Yogocop; an independent record label consisting of dope  MCs and heat loving beat heads on the southern coast of Great Britain.

We discover him in a freacking good featuring with Illiterate named Flies, a jazz loop banger, where he features with fellow Yogocop member Illiterate; amazed by the melting of soft lyrics and a chilled instrumental. (check the link).

The clip perfectly shows the lyrical presence Nuphzed holds in a nation full of reasonably mediocre hip hop.

We can also find him in this little freestyle, with his buddy Illiterate in the back, as smooth as always, on the YGC’s roof honoring us with this little verse !

He came back after that for the YGC’s N°5 with Illiterate on the name of the Dreebs team to drop us some verses in theirs chilly vibes that we love !

Recently, Nuphzed just made his first solo EP Dreebalicious, a wink to his Dreebs team.

This EP is mostly in the same vibe as his latest works.

We’ve got some instrumental from outer space like in Naughty with the perfect use of the piano. Simple, but bringing incredible vibes  !

Breddaz is also a good example of what you can do with some little effects on the background just to let the space for the MC to drop his ryhmes.

And also there is Missing, where Nuphzed showed us his skills in production. Even if we have the same kind of theme in the background, the kick is clearly more powerful, it size totally to his lyrical technique, letting him the space to rap.

You would have understand , Dreebalicious is a truly complete album that you really should have in your Chill playlist !


We asked him some question to know more about him :

How did you get into music ? Rappers, family, … ?

Always been into music in one way or another, my brother in law is a DJ and always used to find it mad interesting when staying at my sisters watching him do cuts, I was pretty young at this point so didn’t really understand it but remember looking up to him a lot and wanting to someday be able to do the same myself.

None of my family are musicians however my Dad has always been a keen music head so guess I picked up an initial interest through him.

Also shout out mumsie who seen an ad in the paper for a music production workshop at a youth club in my hometown and persuaded me to go along and check it out, after that i was a hooked .

If you had the chance to feature with a rappers or work with a beatmaker, who would it be ?

ppfffttt really hard question. Give me an unreleased Eric sermon beat from the vaults that’lll do.

Anderson paak on a Hook and an entire contact play and LDZ feature .

Why not pahaha . alternatively a Jazz beat from Ronny Jordan (r.i.p) with John Martyn and Ragnbone man on the feature. ye this questions hard .. too many to say so thought id be a likkle far fetched ha.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Fuck knows mate. Probably sorrily maintaining a habit for flake . hopefully not getting waved in a student flat , still in Brighton smiling with a bunch of other has bins … dream big init.

Lets talk about your new EP “Dreebalicious“, could you tell us more about it ?

hmmm . its a lot older than people probably presume , most if not all tunes were made about a year or so ago. (New shit to come truuust) its my first solo project and is also nearly entirely produced by myself too … shouts to “Illiterate” for the overly strong coffees and his helping hand in wrapping the project up. Yogocop Baaaby.

What are your next works ? Album, Singles, Tour, Radio, …

I have a forthcoming project that hasn’t really been spoken about too much , its a 3 man phing called TRI.SUS.MI with myself Wundrop & Kemmastry.

All self produced by Wundrop and I .. its a different vibe to Team Dreebs vol.2 and the Dreebalicious E.P.

Less chilled hip-hopy more get waved “woi that beats heavy” double time bar type phing .

If your really lucky you can catch us dropping a few of them tunes at end of our team dreebs or NuphZed sets to switch it up abit , NA MEEAAAN?

Thanks for your time man !!

As usual, here is our selection of Nuphzed tracks :

If you want to listen more about him :


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