3soundsaday Spotlight: “VANTAGE”

After two Spotlights about rapper’s, it’s time to come back to some Future funk vibes.

If you haven’t seen our last Spotlights, come here to catch up !

Today it’s time to learn more about VANTAGE, a French DJ which play music with fun and passion !

He really started his work under the name of VANTAGE 2 years ago by doing his first album “Metro City“, a Future Funk album that lays the foundation of his style.
As we can see in Happiness Deluxe, he finds his inspiration from the mix of Disco, Funk and Japanese’s Pop culture style.

After that he explored a huge number of remix and sample of anime songs (#RightOnTime)  while respecting his main theme and also by developing his range of style with some Vaporwaves tracks.
He proves us that he is so comfortable with different kinds of music by creating some fun tracks such as his remix of the “Pokemon Go” theme song, or with his meme song Dat boi which gave him the “Honorable Price” of the the “20 best bandcamp releases of 2016” of FactMag.

More seriously we can put forward his “Summer Vibin” EP which is more chilled than usual with some deep beats and slow melodies that immerses into a musical world between Low-fi and Future Funk as we can hear here !

The other way to know VANTAGE is through his participation on the Future Society Collective which is a big family of music lovers with some great members we all know such as Supersex420, Desired, and a lot more !
Website and Soundcloud links here !

You may have understand that VANTAGE is a complete artist which is doing music because he trully puts his soul into it.
If you like Future Funk, Disco and the Japanese wave it’s the Producer to follow !

We asked him some question to let you discover who is really VANTAGE : 

Could you tell us your story ? last major works, …
Well I’ve been making music for a long time but only started vantage 2 years ago, so far it’s been great, i met a lot of people !!
My last major works are probably my first album (its one year old tho) and it’s deluxe edition, I’ve also made a meme song called “Dat Boi” (lol)
How did you get into music ? Rappers, family, … ?
I got into music because once my dad showed me a Youtube video of some dude remaking the instrumental from “flashing lights” by Kanye West under 6 minutes using FL studio haha.
then i got into sampling and started making sample based music, then moved to full on composition and since then i switch between the two !
Have you ever made some featuring ?
Well right now i’m working on a collab’ with FIBRE which should be released on his label Montaimé, more details soon.. I’ve also got a collab’ in the works with night tempo,
I’ve made a track with conscious thoughts called “smooth groove”, and some more !
If you had the chance to feature with a rappers or work with a beatmaker, who would it be ?
Hmm this is a really though question, I’ve got lots of people in mind right now for various stuff i’m planning so I can’t really answer this haha.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
Hmm I wish I’d be living out of my music, that’d be cool If it ever happens 🙂
Other than that i can’t really tell, i never plan anything ahead so.
What will be your next works ? Album, Singles, Tour, Radio, …
Right now I’ve got one album in the works since 2015 which i’m really hyped about, and I’ve got a second album as well on the way !
I can’t really talk too much about them for now, but i’ts been two years of hard work for this album and i really hope people will appreciate it !
Right now i’m also having several gigs throughout japan so it’s nice, it’s not really a tour but it kind of feels like it so i’m super super happy about it !
Thanks a lot for your time VANTAGE, we wish you a lot of success in your musical career.
As usual, here is our selection of VANTAGE tracks :

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